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From Research to Results


Location Strategies provides bespoke solutions in location analysis, economic research, strategy, investment attraction and trade development to facilitate job creation, investment, economic growth, and competitive advantage.

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Strategic Economic Research

Discussing the Numbers

We deploy pro-active solutions that translate into robust strategies for job creation, new investment, and economic growth. 

  • Economic strategies

  • Strategic planning

  • Business Retention

  • Ecosystem analysis and sector development

  • Competitive location analysis

Transformative Solutions

Machine in Factory

Technological, social, and economic change presents challenges and unprecedented opportunities.


Through transformative strategies, we develop pathways to reconfigure economies to unlock their potential.

FDI and Trade Development

Networking Event

We provide evidence-based investment attraction strategies and trade development programs.



  • Value proposition development

  • Location positioning and branding

  • FDI Strategies



  • Lead Generation

  • In-Market Representation

  • FDI Training

  • Trade Development

Sustainable Economic Development 

Foggy Forest

We help build resilient communities through sustainability led economic development tools. 

  • Strategic planning

  • Economic development strategies

  • Business retention and expansion

  • Value proposition development  

  • Investment attraction

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Social entrepreneurship

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A consistent theme of our work is reconfigure, realign and reinvent.  Now, it is time to rebuild.


We help communities overcome their challenges and leverage opportunities. Through our project work over the last fifteen years, we compiled sector diversification initiatives in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and developed innovative municipal financing solutions.  We create roadmaps to help communities thrive by capitalizing on new and emerging technologies in traditional industries such as manufacturing and agriculture. 


Our track record equips us to help communities rebuild in the aftermath of COVID-19. We continually draw on thought leaders, and, combined with our experience of helping communities through adversity, we create innovative solutions to help your community build back better.


With adversity comes opportunity.


The race to develop a vaccine, the need for mass testing, and PPE have fueled growth among the companies involved. Fulgent Genetics, a technology company that provides scalable testing solutions announced the opening of its new facility in Houston. PRIMED Medical Products is to establish a new major medical manufacturing facility in Canada, and agile companies diversify production into PPE, providing them additional revenue streams.  


The acceptance of new working practices, the shift to cashless payments, home-centric lifestyles have accelerated the adoption of enabler technology platforms and,  provided rapid growth for numerous companies.  These fast-moving, venture capital-fueled businesses are led by entrepreneurial leaders with a global mindset and international expansion plans.  Changes to our daily lives will bring retrofit opportunities for social distancing and transportation with the expansion of home working capacities with network connectivity. This change in lifestyle is prompting reports of an exodus from urban centres to less densely populated areas.


Understanding these trends and shifts , we can assist you to create economic resilience by capitalizing on current and future opportunities through innovative solutions.


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