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Reconfigure Realign Reinvent....


We are passionate about the potential of new technologies across all sectors to drive prosperity and benefit communities both large and small.


Technological, social and economic change presents challenges and unprecedented opportunities.  Disruptive and transformative technologies have the potential to create billions of dollars of economic value. They are significant components of future economic growth as they provide higher quality jobs and drive innovation.


Our rigorous methodologies uncover and validate emerging sub-sectors.  We help communities understand, anticipate, and prepare. 


Through transformative strategies, we develop pathways to reconfigure and retool your community’s economy to unlock your region’s potential.


We equip communities with solutions to seize new and evolving economic opportunities. 

Transformative Economic Development Solutions

Download our presentation for opportunities and insights on the Agri-tech sector

Download our presentation for opportunities and insights on how your community can capitalize on the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies sector. Given by Gillian Hatton at EDAC 2017, Niagara Falls 

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