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Sustainable Economic Development 

Communities have an important role in shaping the transition to sustainable economies. The consequences of system failure are most felt at a local level and addressing them will require local knowledge of the communities involved (IPCC, 2018)

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Why Sustainable Economic Development?

Sustainable economic development initiatives create competitive advantage for your community by facilitating retention and attraction of talent and businesses.

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52.3% of Canadians are “extremely" concerned about climate change (Dalhousie University, 2023)

believe they would make some changes to their behaviours "even if this comes with a certain financial cost." (Leger, 2023)

79% Millennials/Gen Z

are committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (Forbes, 2019)

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of millennials patronize or support companies that align with their values


started or deepened a relationship because a company was ethical


stopped or lessened a business relationship because of the company’s ethical behaviour 

(Deloitte, Millennial Survey, 2019)



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Over 90%

of business leaders believe they are stewards of society and are planning societal impact initiatives 
(Deloitte Global societal impact survey, 2019)


$12 trillion p.a by 2030 in market opportunities linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals
(Sustainable Development Commission, 2017)

$30.7 trillion

now held in sustainable or green investments, up 34% from 2016

(Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, 2019)

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We help communities leverage these opportunities through:

Sustainable economic development strategies

Strategic sector development

Sustainable business retention and expansion initiatives

Value proposition development 

Investment attraction

Input to climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies

Social entrepreneurship


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